Rack part out

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Rack part out

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Bassically, I'm being kicked out of my house and have a 42U rack full of servers that really need a home.

3 HP proliant DL380 G5's, dual socket 771, 2 with dual xeon dual core at 3ghz, 1 with a pair of 3,6ghz quad cores, all have 16GB ram, no rack railes tho, and brand new PSU's.
1 HP proliant DL385 G2 bassically the same thing as the 380 but AMD opteron CPU, pair of dual cores at 2,2ghz and 16GB ram again.

3 1U IBM servers, X3930 or something like that... Dual socket 771, but only fitted with one CPU each, 1 dual core two quad cores, 16GB ram each. and 2 73GB sas drives.

2 MASSIVE 4U IDM 3990 or something like that Xeon MP systems... socet 804 but they have 4 quad core cpu's and 128or 256 cant remeber now GB of ram EACH. they can also be ganged together with IBM's software to act like a single system. Have 2 73GB sas drives in each.

and there are some older PIII and P4 rack servers too which if someone wanted them they could have them.

I'm looking for offers really... I know I paid about $200 each for the HP's and 1U IBM's, and about $400 for the big IBM's...

But i really just need this stuff to go...

It all works, and these are really awesome systems I cherry picked them and I absolutely hate to see it all go.

shoot me a PM on here or a text @ 7809940252 if interested in any of this stuff.
2600K @4.6ghz, 16gb AMD 1600mhz, 2 HD6990's, Maximus IV extreme z68, SB x-fi titanium HD
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